Συνέντευξη από την Annaelsa Tartaglione, Ιταλίδα πολιτικό με το FORZA ITALIA

Η Annaelsa Tartaglione Ιταλίδα Εκλεγμένη Πολιτικός στον χώρο της Κεντροδεξιάς / Member of Italian Chamber of Deputies, since 2018, with FORZA ITALIA μιλά στους, Χρυσή-Ουρανία Παπαδοπούλου, στον Μαρκόπουλο Χ. Θωμά και το Off The Record News BlogSpot

H Κεντροδεξιά, 35άρα, Οικονομολόγος και Πολιτική Επιστήμονας, Πρ. Κάτοχος Τίτλου Ομορφιάς σε Εθνικά Ιταλικά Καλλιστεία και Ιταλίδα Εκλεγμένη Πολιτικός κα. Annaelsa Tartaglione αναλύει, σχολιάζει, εκφράζεται για ζητήματα του κλάδου της, του κόμματος της ιδιαίτερης πατρίδας της, συνολικά της Ιταλίας, της επικαιρότητας και όχι μόνο. Η κα. Tartaglione εχει δυνατούς αδελφικούς δεσμούς με την ελληνική ορθόδοξη παρουσία στην Νότια Ιταλία και κυρίως στα χωριά και τις πόλεις που εκλέγεται, μεγάλωσε, κατάγεται, σπούδασε κλπ. Τέλος είναι κεντρικό στέλεχος και εξαιρετικά ανερχόμενο στον ιταλικο ιδεολογικό χώρο της Κεντροδεξιάς και δείχνει να έχει λαμπερό μέλλον…

Ποια είναι, αρχικά, η καλεσμένη μας…

Annaelsa Tartaglione graduated in political science of administration from the University of Molise. In 2007 she participated in Miss Italy, obtaining the title of Miss Molise.

In 2009 he was deputy provincial coordinator “Giovane Italia” of Isernia and became a member of the control room of the regional coordination of Molise “Giovane Italia” ( PdL ).

In 2010 he was head of the Campania-Molise Young Italians EPP Brussels delegation.

In 2012 she was elected deputy secretary of the provincial coordination of Isernia for Il Popolo delle Libertà and is a member of the bureau of the regional coordination of the party.

In 2014 he is regional coordinator of the Forza Silvio Molise Club.

In 2015 he headed the organization of the regional political office Forza Italia Molise of the former minister Nunzia De Girolamo .

In 2016 he became a parliamentary collaborator at the Senate of the Republic .

In August 2017 Silvio Berlusconi was appointed regional coordinator of Forza Italia in Molise.

In the general elections of 4 March 2018 she was elected to the Chamber of Deputies in the Puglia – 04 plurinominal college and is a member of the I Commission (Constitutional Affairs, the Presidency of the Council and the Interior) and of the bicameral Commission for Simplification.

On 30 March 2021 she was elected Vice President of the Forza Italia group in the Chamber of Deputies.

Deputy, coordinator of Forza Italia in Molise, Annaelsa Tartaglione in 2021 looks like the year of the actual turning point in the region, where it is not by chance that she recalls the concept of team, the climate of three years ago that led to victory and to which the center-right in his opinion it should come back.

News also for healthcare in this interview: an amendment by the Azzurri to the balance sheet makes it possible to reshape the debt through Cassa Depositi e Prestiti.

Lady Tartaglianone, will the current government reach the end of the legislature?

Difficult to predict. Twists and turns in this legislature have never been lacking, but I don’t think Parliament is dissolved.

But the question that citizens ask themselves is another: is this government up to the challenges that await the country in the coming months? One above all, the decisive anti-Covid vaccination campaign. Unfortunately, the precedents do not lay precisely in favor of this majority, and these days we are only talking about reshuffles and armchairs, a few concrete ideas. It is clear to everyone by now that we are facing the worst moment since the postwar period with the worst government

Could Forza Italia somehow support Prime Minister Conte’s action?

Our position is clear: we are a serious, constructive and responsible opposition, which has the well-being of citizens at heart and wants to make a concrete contribution in the interest of the country. We did this by asking for and obtaining some improvements on the refreshment front and in Maneuvering in favor of VAT numbers, commercial activities and professionals, the most dynamic, vital and productive part of the country but also the most exposed in this pandemic. And the latest polls are rewarding Forza Italia’s seriousness, again reaching above 10%.

But our votes in Parliament will always be there to save the country, never to save this government.

We are and remain in the center-right, which would not exist without us because it was founded by President Berlusconi in 1994. Our goal is not only to be decisive in winning, but also to return to being a driving force to govern in the best possible way the Country, with the united coalition.

Imagine an important role for Berlusconi in the next government?

President Berlusconi, beyond the titles and roles, has shown that he always affects Italian politics, from the moment he took the field. And he continues to do so today in various ways and levels: from electoral campaigns in the territories (how to forget, for example, his tour in Molise, which was instrumental in winning), to constant proximity to parliamentary groups, passing through work in Europe, the solid link with the EPP and the important relationships that only he can boast on the international stage. Berlusconi is a champion and for this reason he will always be decisive, whatever role he holds ».

Sooner or later the Knight will have to enjoy his well-deserved retirement, even if it seems difficult for a person like Berlusconi to be able to leave the scene to retire to private life. Who knows the dynamics, from your point of view, is there a future for Forza Italia after Silvio?

Forza Italia is Silvio Berlusconi and Silvio Berlusconi is Forza Italia. Do not argue. But thanks to the work carried out by its founder at the turn of three decades, Forza Italia is one of the longest-running movements in Italian politics.

The future of Forza Italia lies in our values ​​and in the liberal, Catholic, guarantor, pro-European, reformist ideas that only we carry out within the center-right.

We have a clear identity, we are the moderates and liberals of the center-right, a long history behind us and a young and renewed ruling class both in the territories and in Parliament, so we will also have a great tomorrow ahead of us.

For about two years in the Chamber of Deputies among the opposition benches. In a context that – either because of the pandemic emergency, or because of the political presumption of the 5 stars – the role of Parliament is very debased. The government places its trust in most of the measures. For the rest, decree laws and Dpcm. Is it so complicated to get results at home?

It is not at all simple, especially for a movement like ours which is not limited to protest as an end in itself, but has many ideas and proposals to put forward.

Despite the difficulties, Forza Italia managed in Parliament to put in place greater safeguards for self-employed workers and for all those categories that had been forgotten by this government.

The hope is that now, after the coronavirus, Italians have understood that they must send capable and competent people to the government of the country.

The Molise parliamentary delegation is very large. The majority are seated by three deputies (Occhionero, Testamento and Federico) and two senators (Di Marzio and Ortis). Or at least it was like that until Senator Di Marzio was part of the pentastellati. We will talk a lot and often about Molise when important decisions are made. In short, Molise has finally taken on a serious specific weight in Rome. Or not?

From this point of view, no government was more friendly to Molise than the one led by Silvio Berlusconi with the famous 576 million CIPE funds assigned to our region at the time. To date, I have not seen as much consideration by this government.

As for me, I always have my region at heart and, despite the opposition, during the last budget law – together with the Forza Italia parliamentary group – we managed to pass my amendment for precarious workers to the Chamber who deal with post-earthquake reconstruction in Molise, allocating additional funds of one million euros for this purpose. It was approved with reformulation by the executive, the initial objective of the text was the definitive stabilization of all temporary workers. But I think it is an important signal, and many other steps in this direction can still be taken, also by collaborating with colleagues from Molise in the Chamber.

Who is the leader of Forza Italia in Molise? Why is Toma the governor too? But Patriciello’s political strength cannot be questioned. She knows her stuff. Too many roosters in the chicken coop?

For sure, being a woman, I could not be defined as a rooster and Forza Italia is certainly not a chicken coop, but a movement with many free, serious and competent personalities. It is the home of the moderates, where there is room for all those who want to get involved and who believe in our project. Each of us has different roles that do not overlap, in addition to the undersigned, coordinator and parliamentarian, there is a regional president, an MEP and also several councilors, mayors, advisers and militants, all in their own way important, determined and decisive. Each one brings his personal and precious contribution to the cause.

From your privileged observatory, how do you see Molise?

Forced to face a dramatic economic crisis and a pandemic with the aggravation of the delays and serious gaps that the southern regions and all the small territories have today. It is a difficult time, especially for our young people who feel lost today. For those who should enter the world of work, but also for the many students deprived of their rights due to the delays and uncertainties of the government which has sadly distinguished itself on the subject and has done little or nothing to protect the world of school and transport, including school transport.

She (and not only her, but you were very few) nominated Donato Toma for the presidency of the Region and defended him when someone, Michele Iorio for example, did not agree. Would he do it again?

The choice to nominate a member of civil society was shared and supported by the entire coalition. After the results of the policies and with forecasts and polls that gave the Five stars over 50%, only by opening the center-right to civil society could one win. Toma embodied that model. And thanks to teamwork, the incredible comeback came. If you go back to the spirit of those days, to that unity, to that collaboration and if everyone demonstrates consistency and a spirit of sacrifice, you can overcome any type of obstacle. We owe it to our constituents and to all Molisans.

Satisfied with the action of the regional council?

The real balances can only be done at the end. So many things to improve and correct, as happens in any administration. But we are halfway there and there is still time.

We must not feel infallible, but some important objectives have been achieved. I repeat: the important thing is to work in the interest of the community, only in this way will the results come.

It is divided between Rome, Isernia and Campomarino. When he is in Molise, as in these days, he lives the territory. Be honest: what is your mood on the action of the regional government?

People suffer, as they suffer in the rest of the country. Thanks to my role, I had the opportunity to visit other cities and regions as well. When things go wrong in the crosshairs there always ends up who governs, it is the nature of things. The important thing is to know how to listen and get ideas to improve. This is what we all have to do.

Is everything okay on health management too?

We find ourselves with a local health system heavily penalized by continuous cuts, closures and downsizing that have taken place over the last ten years. We pay for the logic that puts the balancing of accounts before the Molise right to health, a concept overturned by an amendment to the budget law presented by Forza Italia to the Chamber and approved at the end of the year. Thanks to this amendment it will in fact be possible to reshape our debt through the intervention of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, and defer debts on a thirty-year basis. This change can lead Molise to exit the commissioner phase and return to making serious investments in the area to strengthen the health system.

Our health commissioner should immediately apply this new rule which is an opportunity for Molise. A decisive result thanks to the action of the Forza Italia group in Parliament.

The regional elections are part of the broader national political framework and the choices will, as always, be shared and approved by the top leaders of ”Forza Italia”, who will bring them to the national table of alliances. Anyone who knows me knows that I have never expressed myself in official channels until I have agreed the line with the leaders of my party, starting with President Berlusconi. My silence is therefore not inattention, but reflection and sharing.

This is certainly not the time for bombastic announcements, but for listening and confronting with allies and voters. The Center Right is a broad and varied coalition, but united in values, principles and programs. The priority now is to plan the future of our Region, avoiding tears and personalities. The Molisans, like all Italians, are demanding, today more than ever, serious and concrete answers to the complex problems of our time. ”Forza Italia” has, both nationally and regionally, the right, serious and competent people to face the challenges of the future.

Governor Donato Toma, as he well knows, has and will have the full support of Forza Italia to move forward in his government action. But we must all be aware that the upcoming regional elections are part of the broader national political framework and I, as regional coordinator of Forza Italia in Molise, can only play my role, as I have always done, in close contact and in perfect symbiosis with the highest leaders, starting with our President Silvio Berlusconi. Each decision will be taken, as always, with respect for the territory, but at the right time, dictated by the various electoral deadlines, which must be considered as a whole, as requested by the national leaders.

The regional elections in Molise are almost twelve months away, and at this moment the priority for Molise citizens is not the internal controversies in the various coalition parties, but rather a strong and determined regional government action, aimed above all at grasping the historic opportunity of the PNRR, the grounding of the projects that can be financed through the resources of the Recovery Fund will in fact also allow Molise to restart, after the dark years of the pandemic and the heavy economic crisis.

All intellectually honest people know that Donato Toma ruled in one of the hardest and most difficult moments of the post-war period, now we have another year to rule and we must do it well, in the interest of all Molisans. We are sure that Donato will be able to recover the relationship not only with the Regional Council and with the allies, but also and above all with the citizens.

In these last and fundamental months, it will be essential for us to work to reunite the Molise Center-right which, it is no mystery, in recent years has unfortunately registered divisions due to dynamics inherent in the region.

The primary objective is therefore undoubtedly the unity of the coalition in view of the next important elections, which is why we have already begun to meet in a climate of cordial collaboration. But, while we are confronted, we must not forget that our most important task is to govern the Region well, because it is on the basis of the results achieved that we will all be judged and reconfirmed “is the note from On Annaelsa Tartaglione, Regional Coordinator of Forza Italia in Molise and deputy leader of Forza Italia in the Chamber of Deputies.

Summer 2022… by Annaelsa Tartaglione?

«I hope in a year that he will restore to all of us the serenity and freedom in returning to everyday life. A year of rebirth for our country and less hard than 2020… 2021, which has also put our loved ones to the test.

Italy and Europe needs certainties, health, protection, well-being, work … and I am sure that things will get better if each of us does our duty as best we can, as St. Augustine said: “It will be a better day, if we are better”.

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